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Cotton Khaddar Un-Stitched Fabric for Men-C-K-12

Cotton Khaddar Un-Stitched Fabric for Men-C-K-12
Cotton Khaddar Un-Stitched Fabric for Men-C-K-12
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  • Model: C-K-12
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        100% pure cotton khaddarHigh-class warping made by droppersLess impuritySoft and shinyColor and stuff damage guaranty.

             It is remarkable blend of the highest quality of cloth made from selectively handpicked comb compact yarn, State-of-the-art Khaddi Looms and munificent         portion of love, reflecting the pride we take in our craft. We invite you to experience intense that you can proudly succumb to.

             Length : 7 Meters Width : 1 Yard 

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